Tecno Imballi srl was founded in 1982, in the province of Cremona, as a company specialising in wooden industrial packaging. Over the years, we customised our packaging design, adapting it to destinations, type of goods and shipment method.

To optimise packaging and shipping costs, we assess the customer’s shipment requirements in detail. We are proud of our wide experience in shipping factory installations worldwide, be it by land, ship or air.
Our company has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1995, with the unvarying goal of providing high quality products and services as well as continuous improvement in our corporate systems.
We tune our activities towards the specific needs of our customers, providing highly efficient and professional services such as:

  • Packaging design;
  • Supply and storage of wooden crates, pallet crates, shipping saddles and pallets;
  • Logistics;
  • Container supply and storage;
  • Wood treatments.

We have 12,600 square metres of covered areas and 25,000 square metres of open space, perfectly equipped for handling operations with:

  • Lift trucks up to 15 tons
  • Cranes up to 30 tons
  • Other freight handling systems

Founded in 1982 in Pandino, province of Cremona, the entrepreneurial spirit of industrial packaging experts with decades of experience in the field at Tecno Imballi srl has evolved over time to meet the varied needs of customers, changing and modernising its facilities and adapting to the market: this development has gained the company an important position in the industry, with excellent results.

An important step in our history took place in 2008, when the second generation joined the founder, taking on administrative/financial and manufacturing department roles, while the head of the family took care of management.

Tecno Imballi has constantly invested in technological innovation and expansion, improving the company’s logistics component, thus brilliantly overcoming the market crisis and suffering no downturn in this economic contingency.